Working in materials traditionally considered “feminine,” my fiber pieces reflect the virulence and frustration that are related to women’s roles and domesticity. Through quilting, embroidering, knit and crochet, I build the conceptual vocabulary of my various bodies of work. I find the craft of quilting parallels nicely with the reality and experiences of womanhood — there are a million little pieces of ourselves that we are stitching together every day to build our internal and external narratives. In my embroidered + quilted canvases, I use phrases associated with the quintessential longing of the American housewife as she approaches mid-life. Speaking from experience, many of these women feel as though they didn't sign up for what they got and are nostalgic for the life of freedom and spontaneity from their past.  The stark reality of acrimonious thoughts is embroidered in unfiltered, unfettered phrases across a flowered landscape of divergent fabrics. These pieces create a contradiction that I long for, causing the audience to delight in the very “wrongness” of the statement and linger in its colorful handwork combined with the hard truth. The process of focusing on the internal, unrestrained conversation in my head, in all of our heads, is both sensational and subjugating. By bringing it out into the open, I am challenging the audience to listen to that “little voice,” which could very possibly be their own.